The Ed-Fi Data Standard provides a common structure and language for all districts. Benefit from the hard work and time of collaborative member districts. The below resources are examples of projects that are readily available to each member of FLCODE.


Having timely information in a way that is secure, accurate, timely, and based on data standards is the foundation of FLCODE's visualization work. Not only do these visualizations meet real, user-based educational needs, they are also easily adapted to other organizations that use the Ed-Fi standards and technologies. Reach out to us if you have questions or want to learn more about how these visualizations help improve educational outcomes for all learners.

Progress Monitoring

A visualization created in collaboration with districts to show historical and current assessment information including FSA, iReady, and MasteryConnect information as well as custom assessments loaded into the Ed-Fi Operational data Store.

Alignment Between and Among Assessments

Districts have used the information to visualize and determine the relationships between and among assessments. In addition, student demographics are included as a dimension through which to view these relationships.

EQ 24: Are my students improving in math?

This visualization combines data from many sources to provide a comprehensive view of achievement in mathematics over time without the need to access multiple data platforms. Focused primarily on the middle grades, though it is easily adapted to all grades.

Early Warning System

Created with districts to meet the needs of a student Early Warning System (EWS) based on state statute and additional criteria to support students. Includes details at the district, school, and student levels for attendance, behavior, course grades, course grades, FSA level 1, and credits earned for high school. Models use the Ed-Fi Operational Data Store.

Vendor Mappings

These mappings were developed by FLCODE member districts to connect fill the gaps where Vendors have not yet provided mapping to Ed-Fi natively within their systems. To see a list of Ed-Fi Certified Vendors, click here.

i-Ready Student Diagnostic Assessments

Using Ed-Fi's Data Import tool, districts can now import i-Ready Math and Reading Student Diagnostic Assessment data to their Ed-Fi Operational Data Store.

Skyward HR

Used to pull staff data from Skyward's HR system and load it to the Ed-Fi Operational Data Store through the Ed-Fi API.


(Work Underway...Check back soon for completion of mapping work.)

Data Governance

Use these resources to help you check the quality of data flowing into your Ed-Fi environment.

IIS Logs

Use this tool to help you see all of the interactions with your Ed-Fi API hosted in IIS. Surface all of the http responses to gain further inisght as to data flow, who is interacting with your API, and how much time each day your API is being used.

Pre-Negotiated Pricing

FLCODE members have access to pre-negotiated pricing to partners that will help make the transition Ed-Fi easy and sustainable.

NEFEC Services Related to Ed-Fi